Factors in a flat that yield good returns

12th May 2017

The topsy-turvy in the global economy has cast its most dismal spell upon investment markets such as gold and stocks.  While it cannot be said that the property market is totally immune against this worldwide whirlpool, Loharuka reports that the conditions are still better in this sector of investment. Even though the demand for properties have lessened and the prices have got stabilized, it is still better to invest in property because this sector of investment never leaves an investor empty handed. If these information appear interesting to you, then start reading ahead in order to know how to find a good flat for making your own investment lucrative in future.

•    Selection of region

Loharuka suggests that the region you select has a deep impact upon your expected returns in future. A flat bought in a prime location such as flats in vip road Kolkata will always have a consistently rising demand and eventually rising face value. Thus, the money you invest in the flat is sure to give you lucratively increased returns when you sell it off. The best way for determining the potentials of a prime location is to observe its capital growth for a considerable period of time before making any final decision. However, it is equally true that your cash in hand also determines if you will be able to buy a flat in a prime location at a much higher price as compared to a property in a non-prime location.

•    Accessibility of the location

The next important consideration to take into account is the accessibility of the location. You have to ensure that the region where you are buying the flat is well served by roadways, railways, and other form of transportation.  It is not mandatory that you will get everything the moment you step out of your home. But it is simultaneously essential to ensure it does not take more than five to ten minutes to get to the bus stand nearby and not more than fifteen minutes approximately to avail other forms of transportation such as metro, local railway, etc. As you are buying the flat for getting good returns in future, this feature will help in getting a much higher face value in future.

•    Additional amenities

Loharuka further suggests that a flat which comes with additional amenities in the form of lifts and elevators, parking space, outdoor terrace, swimming pool, gym and auditorium will always yield higher face value in future as compared to the property that does not have these features. Hence, if you have the required capital then you must opt for a flat in a complex rather than a standalone accommodation.