Present Status :

With more than 25 years of proven track record The LOHARUKA has extended its services in terms of providing aspirational homes to more than 6500 families in Kolkata, Pune, and Bangalore. The group believes in using its experience not only in improving the quality of work but also in serving the customer in best possible manner. Currently there are many ongoing residential projects in the kitty to offer in the cities like Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore.

The group is also into hospitality sector with their chain of hotels under the brand “O2 Hotels”.

Future Plans :

Very soon the group is planning to launch one mega residential complex in a land area of more than 42 Acres, in Pune. This project will cater to the demand of more than 3500 families. Apart from this, one big residential complex will be developed in Vasindh, Maharastra. The group is also lined up with many residential projects in various part of Kolkata. All the projects will come up with a promise to deliver the project on time with excellent construction quality and that too with a great sense of responsibility.

The group is also going to expand its hospitality business a step further with new launches under its already established brand “O2 Hotel” in different parts of Kolkata.